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2018 Fall Corn Maze and Activities

Fall Season Dates: Fall activities will start in October!


* We are an outside activity and are subject to closing if weather is severe. Please keep this in mind when coming out as we do not offer rain checks or refunds on admission.

Corn Maze!…What is that?

Our Fall Maze is a life-sized living labyrinth thru our corn crop. Over 5 acres of challenging fun for all ages.  You enter at a starting point and navigate your way through the maze. Check points are set out along your journey to assist in a successful completion. Check points are areas in the maze containing questions or clues that will point you in the right direction. Don’t worry if you make a wrong turn, it’s all part of the fun. The length of time it will take to complete really depends on the individual (We won’t rush you, but we will make sure you are out by closing time). We also have staff roaming the maze assisting if needed. Our maze helpers are there to make sure that everyone is following the rules and staying on the paths. We want everyone to have a fun and safe experience. To insure your desired experience please keep this in mind when scheduling your visit. The condition of our maze is greatly affected by weather conditions and its visitor’s behavior. Our maze as most will also start out green at the beginning of our season and will transform to brown by the end of our season. This will make for two different experiences.

Vendors: here’s a few of everyone’s favorites that will be Joining us

  • Jerry Crowling  (story telling for all ages)
  • Heyman Kettle Corn  -Sweet made on site kettle corn (joining us for all dates)
  • Ex-Squeeze-Me Lemonade Fresh squeezed organic lemonade made on site(joining us for all dates) 
  • Strong Tower Winery  -Serving their wonderful local made wines(joining us for Saturdays and Sundays except Oct 21,Nov 4th and 5th!)
  • Nina’s Wood Fire Pizza  -Pizza straight out of the fire -(joining us all dates)
  • Fresh Pressed Apple Cider  Pressing and pouring fresh and delicious(joining us all dates)

Here are some good things to know

What is include in the Maze Admission:

The Hay Ride, Hay Maze, Corn Maze, Hay Play area, Picnic Area, Pitcher Pump Duck Race, Spider Web Maze, Tree-house,Story Teller, Free Craft Of The Season, Visit The Farm Animals and More…
What to bring extra cash for: Launcher,Peddle Tractors, Pony rides, Face Painter, Pumpkin Painting, Food and Drinks and U-Pick or Gathered Produce and Pumpkins.

  Be sure to check out our FARM RULES before you head out.

  • There are lots of photo opportunities! Don’t forget Your camera, but leave the drones at home. We do not allow drones in our air-space.

At times during the peak of our season our parking can meet full capacity. If this
happens we are unable to allow guests in until spots in our parking area open up. Don’t panic! Go
into down town historic Brooksville, grab a snack someplace, visit our local Hernando airport fleamarket or check out some of the local hot spots. Strongtower winery is close by and great place to check out (open Saturdays). Then come back and our parking area should be open again.



Fall season is always so much fun and taking home the perfect pumpkin for your family is a special experience. We unfortunately do not have pumpkin lockers and do not allow pumpkins to travel back into the farm once purchased. Please keep this in mind and wait until you are leaving to pick your pumpkin out from the patch. We do allow you to place your pumpkin in your car,but it gets really hot in the car and your pumpkin will likely start to bake:(



Finding The Perfect Pumpkin



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