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At This Time We Are Only Offering Access To Our Market, Our Fields and Crops During Our Event To Event Guests.

Current Produce & Picking Hours: Event Hours

***Gathered Produce and U-pick- Spring Season Crops

(updated 10/1/23- (Check Before Heading Out To Know What Is Available, Crop Status Changes Through Season)

Gathered Produce and U-pick   : 

Our produce is from our fields! This means everything was grown using Organic Methods. We have been growing in all our fields this way for over 9 years now! We are proud to be able to bring you this level of quality year after year. Thank you for helping support local farms!

Currently Gathering From Our Fields (last updated 10/01/23)–   no gathered during Fall (U-pick and Gathered Produce availability can vary from one day to next depending on how much gets picked or purchased the day before)

Currently U-picking (last updated 10/01/23)- Squash, Zucchini and Zinnias .(U-pick and Gathered Produce availability can vary from one day to next depending on how much gets picked or purchased the day before)

Why choose U-pick…This insures you the freshest produce and quality you choose straight off the plant. It also allows for a wonderful family experience.

We also gather produce. We understand we have some customers that can’t make it out in our fields for picking. For this reason, we can sometimes offer the ability to order pre-gathered produce for pick up. We also stock a limited amount of pre-gathered produce at the start of each Saturday and Sunday for sale in our stand during our harvest season.

Our  Crops

Green Beans, Lettuce, Radishes, Chard, Peppers, Pink-eye Peas, Cucumbers, Yellow Squash, Zucchini, Round Zucchini, Butternut Squash, Fresh Basil, Herbs, Sunflowers, Watermelons, Blackberries, Etc….

We have currently met all of our requirements for organic certification and have made a personal choice to hold out on filing for our certification. We feel this will give us the ability to bring you organic produce at a lower cost and these days we can all appreciate the savings.


Our Fresh Zucchini You don’t want to miss the flavor of our zucchini. Available in small to large sizes. Making your cooking possibilities endless. We even have Round Zucchini (I recommend it stuffed with tomatoes, ground chicken, topped with cheese and baked at 350 degrees. Garnish with fresh basil! )

Ruby Chard- (not offering Spring 2023) This is a Spring crop. A crinkly leafy vegetable, which is a member of the beet family, that has a bright red stalk with green leaves that have red veins running through them. Chard grows in clumps but is sold in loose leaf bunches. It can be eaten raw or the green leaves can be prepared in same manner as spinach, and the stalks can be prepared like asparagus. Swiss chard is high in vitamins A, K and C.

Our Strawberries 
If you are one of our long time patrons strawberries have been a wonderful crop to share with you. We are not including strawberries anymore in our crop production.

Our Basil-Spring Crop
We grow All different types of basil. Lemon, Lavender Caesar, Genova, Purple basil and more.  All perfect for fresh cooking or drying. Combine with Fresh Sunflower seeds to create a great healthy pesto.

Our Eggplant-Spring Crop
Organic Little Finger Eggplant – More slender and petite than your standard eggplant. Dark purple skin is thin and tender. Flesh has a silky texture with few seeds and mildly sweet flavor needing very little cooking time. Harvested young when 3-6″ long and glossy.

Our Famous Cucumbers-Spring Crop
We grow a wonderful slicing cucumber with superior flavor. If you have had our cucs you know what I mean! They are famous for their unbeatable flavor.

Peppers and Tomatoes-Spring Crops
Green Peppers, Banana Peppers, Cherry Tomatoes, Green and Red Delicious Tomatoes. These are all late Spring season crops. They Love the Florida Heat!

Our Blackberries  Due to some issues with our Blackberry field that our organic practices were loosing the battle with we have removed our patch. We hope that one day Blackberries will make sense for us again but for now we have extended our flower crop in their place.  Blackberry picking can still be found at some of the other local farms. Blackberry u-pick usually runs Mid May-June here in Florida.

Our Sweet Green Beans: Spring Crop a wonderful bush snap bean. Great for u-pick. Nice and crisp, a wonderful vibrant green bean with great flavor! The hardest part is not eating them all before they make it to the pot for dinner.

Our Old-fashion Sweet Watermelons (not offering Spring 2023)Spring Crop
We grow a couple of Watermelon seeded varieties! Crimson- A classic, oblong, 10×12” striped melon. Weighs in at 15-25 lbs. with bright red, juicy sweet flesh. Moon and Stars- HEIRLOOM a popular variety known for its sweet flavor and dark green rind decorated with yellow spots of large (moon) and small (star) size… Allsweet- Large, oblong 25-30 lb. striped melons grow to 17-19″ long and 7″ in diameter. Deliciously sweet, bright red flesh. Congo- Large, oblong up to 40lbs deliciously sweet, bright red flesh.

Our Fresh Lettuce-Spring Crop
We grow both head (butter head and romaine) and loose leaf. Our most popular is our personal salad blend where we give you a bunched variety filled with color texture and great flavors. This crop is only available in cooler seasons.

Sweetfields Sunflowers-Spring Crop
Seeds- are a black striped eating variety! Great for roasting, pressing for milk, pesto, in salads… Flowers- petals can be used for cooking or in salads. Beautiful as fresh cut flowers!

Don’t forget: birds, squirrels, goats, horses, cows, chickens and I’m sure other animals love them.

    Sweetfields Zinnias-Spring and Fall Crop
We offer so many colors! This variety makes the most beautiful flowers bouquets and are also in the edible flower famliy!


Our Yellow Squash-Spring and Fall Crop
Straight neck

Tip: Store your fresh cut chard unwashed, in a plastic bag, in the fridge to keep it fresh longer.

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