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Meet Our Animals…

Rosie Moo Moo

She is our Jersey cow. We adopted her when she was only 3 weeks old (9-05-10). She sure did drink from a big bottle. We hope for her to one day hold a position at our farm as a milk producer. For now she is spoiled rotten and enjoying every minute of her childhood. When you are out she is sure to give out a big moo moo hello. She thinks she is one of us! She enjoys lazy days, music and bananas. Oh…and she loves to taste everything. So watch out for that tongue.Rosie just had her 1st calf 1-5-13 check out this cutie .

Porkers and Elvis

These guys are our potbelly pigs. They work on our farms cleanup crew. They get to gobble up all the veggie scraps. They love this job! They sometimes like to practice their cultivating skills as they rut in the dirt looking for snacks. Who knows maybe someday they will help out in the fields? But for now they really enjoy back scratches and belly rubs!

Our Goats

Freckles and Mocha

These guys are so much fun! They are so playful. They would make good detectives. Nothing seems to get by them. They love to investigate and are easily distracted. Freckles and Mocha are twins (not identical). Mom was a Angora goat and dad was a Spanish meat goat. We adopted them at 4 wks. old (3-2-10). They are bottle babies and very friendly. They love sunflowers and are looking forward to harvest time. These guys are just having fun on the farm for now. Maybe someday they will join in on the cleanup crew or maybe mocha can tryout milk producing. We will have to wait and see!

The chickens

These ladies and gentlemen are something special! They are always busy helping us decrease the bug population. As organic farmers this is so important. They also are our egg producers. We get both white and brown eggs from our hens. They love to help out in eating the left over plants at the end of the season too.

Still working on (not forgotten) pictures of our other goats.

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